Casey Anthony Has Sex With Cop

OK, I’m just gonna post this the way it came in. I have no more information on it yet. I’m trying to find out if they are talking about having sex inside the jail or an outside relationship. Pretty sure they wouldn’t have been suspended if this wasn’t “during regular hours.”

From: Wells, Justin
Sent: Monday, September 15, 2008 5:38 PM
To: OnTheRecord

Her ex-fiancé was a cop… another cop was suspended for lying about a relationship with Casey and now- 2 other cops telling a local Orlando affiliate- they had sexual encounters with Casey

Casey Anthony is reportedly causing a stir inside the Orlando Police Department. An inside source told Eyewitness News at least two officers have stepped forward claiming to have had sexual relationships with her.
In august, Anthony Rusciano was fired from his position as an Orange County deputy for lying about his relationship with Casey.
A police spokesperson refused to comment on any aspect of this.


~ by Leonidas on September 16, 2008.

21 Responses to “Casey Anthony Has Sex With Cop”

  1. I beleive that the parents and brother area as responsible as Casey is. Casey didn’t just get the way she is after her daughter went missing, she had to have always been like this so why are they protecting her? I love my child but I know he isn’t always right and if something like this happened I wouldn’t be defending him. She is a pathetic liar along with the rest of the family. I certainly hope she is found alive but if she is none of them should have custody again. The B—- is a poor excuse for a human being deserves the death penalty. I also would like to know if her long and continous visits to her lawyer are supervised. May be is working out her legal fees, he looks like a shyster to me. If this child is dead I know it isn’t possible but I wish the family could be conected and that they are all charged with a crime and jailed. They need to be put in jail with everyone else and not isolated for the general population, those folks know just what to do to people like them and they deserve everything they get. I think they are pubicity hounds and I hope the protestors outside the their home continue and make their lives a living HELL they might as well get use to it thats where they all are probably going and should. I have to let off steam on this every now and then I get angry just thinking about this and I am sick of seeing the white trash on TV.

  2. I likewise believe that Caylee is no longer alive.
    As a parent of a drug addict daughter I see the same thing in Casey Anthony that I saw in my own daughter. I subsequently had my daughters parental rights terminated and the children are safe now. As a parent we want to believe the best of our children, and it is hard as a mother to understand why your own child cannot parent her own children. I have seen other post’s that indicate Casey wanted to place the child for adoption rather than raise her, and Casey’s parents talked her out of that and into keeping Caylee and look where she is now…Casey’s parents need to “see the light” and stop covering up for her. Maybe they cover for her because of their own guilty feelings? Maybe because they love their daughter, but one thing is sure they need to urge Casey to tell the truth and lead the authorities to Caylee.

  3. It weired that her parents trust her…if they know how she really is. They can say she was a “good mother”…but they know she is a slut. How can they call her a “good mother” and she doesn’t know where her daughter is. Also, where was caylee when she was having this sexual relationships with a this man? WHAT A SLUT! ! !

  4. The guy that was suspended, from what I read, was not suspended for fooling around on company time, but for lying to investigators.
    When they questioned him he said he had only met her once briefly. Obviously he hoped not to have to admit to a relationship with her, but it was poor judgment, trying to avoid some embarrassment at the cost of impeding an ongoing investigation—he lost his job, of course.

    So, if two others have come forward to admit to ‘knowing’ her–maybe they should just go down the roll call…

  5. I wonder why she is drawn to cops. I know her Dad was an investigater. Hmmm.
    You know maybe she is moving up in the law system now. Everyone wonders what she was doing at the lawyers office for so many hours…maybe she is doing her lawyer.I don’t trust that guy either

  6. I know the story is interesting, disturbing, and for some entertaining.

    I hope that we do not throw stones. My prayers are for the little girl and the innocent people that are hurting during this terrible ordeal.

  7. WOW if true she sure gets around! Who knows who Caylee’s father really is. Probably some married person that she is protecting or rather lying about.

    Her family can support her all they want and bottom line they will not have Caylee, whom they loved so much, in their arms because of Casey not us! They need to face the fact that she took Caylee away from them.

  8. Bring back sodium pentathol….PLEASE…..or else allow someone to beat Caylee’s whereabouts and the details of her demise-by-mother ordeal out of Casey. PLEEEEEEASE.

  9. I have a an amazing idea!!! Let’s leave this family and case alone and see what breaks.
    Sensationalism is at it’s effen finest when it comes to everyone involved here; new men, women and children getting their “breaks” everyday.
    All for one that is..

  10. I feel in my heart that Cayley is no longer with us & instead of people protesting and fighting and feeding Caysey’s EGO People should Come Together and Donate Monies to Create a Memorial for Cayley and Let Her REST in PEACE! Let the Judicial System Deal with Caysey!!!!!!!!

  11. I too have been following this story since it first broke on the news. At one point I felt that I no longer wanted to watch it on the news, or read about it on the web. And for a few day’s I didn’t. But honestly it’s on my mind all the time. Because there is a baby out there somewhere, whether she is passed away or alive, she is still out there somewhere, and it breaks my heart. I’m not a mother, due to medical reasons I have to take fertility drugs to try and conceive, so far no luck. My husband and I want to have a child more than anything else. And we may not be able to. Adoption may be the next step we have to take if we want a child??? I do have 2 young nephews, whom I think the world of, I find myself to be very over protective of them. So when I hear things about this case, it automatically makes me think of my 2 nephews, and I would go insane if either one of them were taken away from us and we had no clue where they were or if they were alive. I don’t think it’s right to attack Caylee’s grandparents. I don’t feel they are involved in anyway. True some of their actions are off a bit, but that only makes me think that they are in shock and dealing with not knowing where Caylee is or what has came of her?? A few months back we lost a family member to suicide. When it first took place, the family member who took their own life, had kids. and the kids weren’t acting sad at all. To the family it was odd, we didn’t know what to think of it. Then we all realized it was because they were in shock and didn’t really know what to think or what to do. So I can see some reasoning in the grandparents behavior. I don’t have any doubt that they love and care for their granddaughter. So please, don’t lash out at them, haven’t they gone through enough already???? Doesn’t this world have any compassion for people that are going thru tramatic ordeals? You all say how you would act if you were the grandparent, well that’s easy to say when it’s not really happening to you. We can all sit and say what we would do or how we would act… But until you are truly in the situation, you don ‘t know how you would act. So please try to have some understanding for the grandparents please.


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  13. She is probably sleeping with her lawyer as well. What the crap are the talking about all day long while she sits in his office for 6+ hours a day?? What a piece of crap. I live in Utah and there is a case going on right now where two men are being charged with murder, and they have never found the body. I pray the same situation takes place with piece of shit of a mother.

  14. I think Casey’s is sleeping with her lawyer too. He always has a smirk on his face. In some of the videos they appear a little to touchy. She has some serious mental issues. I think she killed Caylee to spite her mom, and she’s sleeping with all these cops because she has issues with her dad. There were some statements that Casey hated her dad.. since it’s not known who the real father of Calyee is..could there be some SICK relationship between Casey and her dad?? That would sure mess her head up and turn her into the nut job she is. There has got to be some MAJOR ISSUES in that family to create a monster like her. Sad to say but Calyee is better off were she is!!

  15. tj,there is nothing to suggest incest,that’s a little far fetched.Cindy is a very strong person very dominating and she runs the show,George is weak when it comes to her and Casey is trying to be a carbon copy of Cindy and sees her father as weak.Casey has a mental illness nothing major happened to make her this way she was born this way and no medical help was ever given to help her over come the illness so it was allowed to get worse over the years.Cindy would never admit she has a flawed daughter.

  16. Reasons to do something drastic or insane:
    Resentment and bitterness
    High on drugs
    Severe terror
    Severe jelousy
    Accident but inwardly guilt ridden
    Isolated socially
    Inept in healthy relationships
    Sick sense of humor
    Dependent on others for everything
    Hates the idea of surrender

  17. I can give Casey ONE compliment.. she knew she didn’t want that baby. She had the courage to say it early on but her mother, Cindy, wouldn’t let that be. That was the beginning of the end for Caylee. Cindy is guilty as hell for that. It was none of Cindy’s business. I am so pro-choice because of the Cindys, Caseys and Caylees of the world. Oh, and because of that woman in Baltimore who put her infant in the microwave to get revenge on her boyfriend. Sicko people having babies.. THAT’S nuts! AND scary that it goes on even now in the 21st Century.

  18. The only dick you getting from now on will be some discusting fat prison bitch putting there whole fist up your little ass

  19. No surprise there. She’s fucked every male in Orlando except Mickey Mouse.

  20. Casey is a sick women that needs serious help that when and if relized she should have a picture of her daugher on her cell wall and live with the most horribal cell mate in prison, and i seriously doubt shell survive the death pentaly in prison because of all the hate the other cell mates will have towards her. So the death pentaly will be useless cause she wont make it.

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